Remake – Foundation Terruzzi Villa Margherita

Remake – Foundation Terruzzi Villa Margherita

24 May – 29 June 2014

Opening Friday 23 May at 18,30

Foundation Terruzzi

The Family Foundation Terruzzi Villa Regina Margherita is pleased to host the exhibition Remake, contemporary interpretations of "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" with works by 24 contemporary artists invited by SPACE TESTONI gallery of Bologna to freely interpret the famous painting by Jan Vermeer (Delft, 1632 – Delft, 15 December 1675), from the original title "The Girl with a Pearl Earring".

Remake - Foundation Terruzzi

The masterpiece by Vermeer, preserved in the Mauritshuis Museum in Hague, It was exceptionally exposed, during the Museum's restoration period, in five carefully selected international fora, two in Japan (Tokyo and Kobe in 2012) and three in the USA (Fine Arts Museum di San Francisco, Hight Museum of Art di Atlanta e la Frick Collection di New York).

Before his return in The Hague, The painting was displayed in a sixth prestigious venue, only stop in Europe: Palazzo Fava in Bologna, who had the honor and privilege of hosting the famous painting along with other 36 masterpieces that tell the painting of the seventeenth century in the Netherlands, the so-called Golden Age, event organized and curated by Marco Goldin for Genius Bononiae.

On the occasion of the famous masterpiece by Vermeer in Bologna, gallery SPACE TESTONI, at its headquarters in Via D'Azeglio 50 in the same city, invited 24 contemporary artists to present their homage to the girl depicted by Vermeer, interpreting the famous and mysterious image in freedom of technique and expressive form. The same title Remake, "Makeover", anticipates numerous perspectives that multiply in this exhibition, where every artist is his own vision on the female figure, on the subject of the portrait and on the material loved by the great Dutch painter.

With Friday inauguration 23 May 2014 at 18,30, from 24 May to 29 June 2014 the exhibition Remake and revived in charming rooms Family Foundation Terruzzi Villa Regina Margherita Bordighera (IM), proposing dialogue between ancient art and contemporary art, between past and present, between reality and imagination. The Foundation hosts in his museum within the section devoted to still life works by Dutch and Flemish masters such as Still life with fruit basket Ambrosius Bosschaert the young (1609-1645), firmata e datata 1631 and Still life with basket of grapes ie French Snyders (1579-1657), painter in Antwerp related to Van Dyck. To note the canvas executed in two hands by Baccio del Bianco Tuscan (1604 – 1656) and Happy Ficherelli (1603-1660) said "The Rest", author of a much better known Santa Prassede, from which, according to a very critical issue, Vermeer took example for its homonymous work.

The artists featured in the show:
Omar Galliani
and his pupils in residence at Canossa: Antonio Sidibè, Catherine Sbrana, Dellaclà e Matteo Tenardi, with the artists Space Testoni: Albano Morandi, Andrea Francolino, Andrea Mazzola, Caroline Le Méhauté, Ester Grossi, Fabio Giampietro, Federico Galli, Giovanni De Race, Giovanni Sesia, Ivan Tresoldi, ORMA, Luke Guenci, Mataro from Vergato, Maurizio Osti, Melissa Provezza, Paolo Troilo, Ulrich Egger, and two new proposals: Eldi Veizaj and Aris Group.

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Villa Regina Margherita
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18012 Bordighera – IM
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Click on the names of the artists, to view the cards of the works on display:

Omar Galliani
Antonio Sidibé
Catherine Sbrana
Matteo Tenardi
Albano Morandi
Andrea Francolino
Andrea Mazzola
Caroline Le Méhauté
Ester Grossi
Fabio Giampietro
Federico Galli
Giovanni De Race
Giovanni Sesia
Ivan Tresoldi
Luke Guenci
Mataro from Vergato
Maurizio Osti
Melissa Provezza
Paolo Troilo
Ulrich Egger
Eldy Veizaj
group Aris