Giulia Bersani

Born in Milan in the 'October 1992 I became interested in photography all 'age of eighteen through a course organized by the scientific high school I attended. During the first years of university I attended the evening course in analog and digital photography at the CFP Bauer and I started, thanks to my photographs, to attract the attention of some blogs and magazines including among others the Oeil de la Photographie, Pizza magazine, Inside Art, Ignant and GUP magazine. They quickly passed by the Faculty of Fashion Design to that of cultural sciences and then make the decision to interrupt his studies and devote himself entirely to photography. In the following months I took part in several collective exhibitions in Italy and the United Kingdom and in February 2014 I self-published limited edition book "Lovers", collection of unpublished photographs in black and white on the theme of intimacy and dependence in the couple, exhausted in a short time. In the following months I continued to take forward projects such as "21", project of self-portraits in which narrative my daily realistically (including the moments of boredom) e “Stronger”, portrait of a Neapolitan family. in February 2015 I self-published "Lovers II", this time containing a series of color photographs in which you can see the evolution of my point of view (this time less dramatic) with respect to the first part of the project. The latter was presented during my first solo exhibition at MyCamera, Ravenna.