Alberto Zilocchi

ALBERTO ZILOCCHI (Bergamo 1931 – 1991), he attended in Milan the Vanguard art from the mid 50 '.
Has known Lucio Fontana - With whom he has also exhibited in 1960 the Gallery of Bergamo Torre – Enrico Castellani, Augustine Bonalumi and especially Piero Manzoni.
With Piero Messengerthe I signed Manifesto del Bar Jamaica in 1957 along with other visitors of that famous point of artistic and cultural meeting in Milan, including Guido Biasi, Angelo Verga, Ettore Sordini, and he participated in the first exhibition at Galleria Azimut in Milan, from 22 December to 3 January 1960, together with the same Manzoni and Friends, Boriani, Castellani, Colombo, Dadamaino, de Vecchi, Seas and Massironi.
Approaching toward the 60s even at the end of the Vanguards of group Zero Dusseldorf, Alberto Zilocchi in those years begin to realize reliefs, works characterized by raised portions on their surface, all of a strict and exclusive matte white acrylic, very often on square wooden supports as individual works, or conceived in series, creating a three-dimensional representation of the space formed by raised lines that form light and shadow, lines Zilocchi sometimes called cuts.
Thanks to his frequent exhibitions across Europe, the Alberto Zilocchi artistic evolution leads him towards the middle of the "70 to embrace the North European Constructivist movement of Conceptual Concrete, becoming an active member of International Centre for Constructive Art Studies. Zilocchi fact declares in those years that: “... My interest at this time is focused more on the rather vague field of Concrete Art and Conceptual, where the creative process is at least as important as the final result ...”. Alberto Zilocchi in those years also started the production of lines, which will also bring forward to every year "80.
From Review of Ghiringhelli collection “... Embrace the Concrete movement is the latest production of the key to the artistic life of Zilocchi after Reliefs, when she is taking its cue from a rigid geometric structure, It introduces the elements of variation pattern assigned to the case in a counterpoint between rules and disorder in which the serial is a way to highlight the gap by the rules and the consequences on the visual field.
It meshes with which Zilocchi builds its lattices in fact follow principles consistent officers, but their frequency is linked to a limited number of random choices.
In some cases the sign is zoomed as if it were of the detail of another work, in others it is more subtle, almost a topographical screen, which in turn creates another image (to scrub ) …”.
The artistic career of Alberto Zilocchi extension in various fields, such as the set design for the Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo in the early 60s, She saw him star in over 100 solo and group exhibitions in Italy and mostly in Northern Europe between the 1957 and the 1990.
After his death in 1991, the family has not made his work available, which are so remained for 25 years locked in a vault. Thanks to the activities of the Milanese collector search Maurizio de Palma, which he has recently received from the Family Zilocchi the task to catalog and promote the work of Alberto Zilocchi, The Testoni Space gallery started the rediscovery of this artist, presenting his works in Solo Show for Art Fair 2016 and then in his first solo posthumous inside of the gallery spaces in Bologna from 29 aprile al 2 July 2016.