Dragan Milos

Born in Sarajevo in 1991, he later moved to Italy where he graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. In Italy he is approaching the Italian painting tradition, the history of art in its broader expressions, focusing on ancient art, in particular investigates the use of the "mask" in history and art. Later comes the desire to deepen the medieval art, Renaissance and the study of the 'art of tapestry and weaving, that led him to attend the weaving courses in Sicily, and at the Foundation Arachne in Thessaloniki in Greece.
The artistic research expands, and also focuses on the concept of Myth as a sociological and psychological research of our origins, and paraphrasing Jung, the direct connection between myth and dream, essential insight for understanding the human psyche, the archaic history and contemporary society.
He has exhibited in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy and England. Currently she is studying philosophy at the University of Warwick and lives between Italy and England.