Lorenzo Mariani, in art ORMA, è nato nel 1985 a Milano (where he lives and works) showing always a keen sensitivity and propensity for art in many forms. After graduating from the Art College Institute of the Sacred Heart of Milan in 2003 and he graduated with honors in 2007 at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (summa cum laude) He joined the Italian art scene exposing in several exhibitions. The poetics of the footprint arises from the famous couple school of international artists Vedovamazzei, where he became an assistant in 2007, even before finishing their studies. Its search exploits the choice of various forms of expression, to converge towards reiteranti themes rooted in the uterus fertile artist. Especially the footprint seems to be obsessed with what is swirling progress of progress. His is not an art of denunciation or criticism of the new, but serious questions, that vigorously appreciates the positive, but that is not afraid to show its dark side, sometimes embarrassing and despite all fascinating.