From the Gallery 2000 Giancarlo Franks
The Space Gianni Testoni 2000 + 45

"You can say many things, all interesting and true, on the singularity and the importance that has been the model of 2000 quite unusual ... Place curious, even unlikely, capable of carrying out an activity multifaceted ... The only area where a proposal could be reflected by the mere fact of being culturally motivated ... It was so strange, This central role of 2000 One explanation could be ... that has managed to stay a meeting place ... where they could consume dreams and design adventures ... and still be the best place you can imagine outdated. A cultural thing ... from which we have all been marked, Critics and artists. "

From the text of Franco Solmi released me in October 1981, for a publication that contained a number of interventions important authors involved in the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Gallery 2000 Giancarlo Franks.
On that occasion, were exhibited works of each artist Bolognese passed in the glorious halls. I quoted some passages in order to promote a link regarding use of this space that he wants to do.
Through the works of Gianni Testoni will promote reflections, cultural and artistic statements may also differ significantly from current trends.

The 2000 + 45, along the life that leads us year 3000, continue through the bond that he intended to see and transmigrate, while remaining in this new and already established reality. A reality that will cross the changed and changing faces of the city's cultural landscape: The Space Gianni Testoni 2000 + 45.

"Cocomero - COCOMESONO………..”
smile Giancarlo Franks facing a cloud
and its expression will always be between the provocative
and the naive

Time will answer and say to us that it was this translation of intent.

Carla Masotti


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