Caroline Le Méhauté

Caroline Le MéhautéLives and works at Marseilles and Bruxelles.

Master Art, College of Fine Arts, Marseille, 2007
Visual Art Degree, College of Toulouse le Mirail, 2004

2015 Meta, Archiraar gallery , Brussels, Belgium.
2014 Invisible Things, C2 Contemporary 2, Florence, Italy.
The times Calculation, the Médiatine, Brussels, Belgium.
Suspension, Corporate foundation Vacances Bleues, Patrons South, Marseille, France.
2013 SILENT, curated by Alberto Mattia Martini, Gallery Space Testoni, Bologna, Italy.
Vertical instincts, Block B, Dublin, Ireland.
2012 Ecotone, with Esox Lucius, La Clayette, France; Geographies Margins, Gallery
Martagon, Malaucène, France.
2011 Cocotrope, Servières Castle Gallery, Marseille, France.
2009 talks, Nicolas Silin Gallery, Paris, France.

2015 Indent, The society, curated by Company and pleonasm, Brussels, Belgium
Positions, Art Fair in Arena, Berlin, Germany
Macrocosmi – Patterns of an other order, curated by Pascual Jordan and Petra ANCHOR, Postfuhramt Ouest, Berlin, Germany
51.226823 ; 6.806317, Onomato, Düsseldorf, Germany
Art Paris art fair, Archiraar gallery, Paris, France
Back to Bologna, Werkstattgalerie, Berlin, Germany
Macrocosmi, Testoni gallery space and Werkstattgalerie, Bologne, Italy
2014 Phosphène, house of Odile Report and François Huet, Brussels, Belgium
Share the walls, Artothèque Antonin Artaud, Marseille, France
2014 Art Fair – Gallery Space Testoni, Bologna, Italy.
2013 The nine lives of a cat, curator Nicolas de Ribou, presentation of the works from the residence at Loft, Servais family collection,
Brussels; Egarements, Château d'Avignon, under the Ulysse course organized by the FRAC PACA, – Marseille 2013 Capital
European Culture – France; Ephemeral Arts Festival, Park White House – Marseille 2013 European Capital
Culture – France; extraordinary journey in France, pavilion M – Marseille – Provence 2013 European capital of culture.
2012 Linked, Block B, LINK Culturefest, BLOCK T, Dublin, Ireland; Art Exhibition trail, LINK Culturefest, BLOCK T, Castle of
Servières, Dublin, Ireland: Keep us posted, Block B, LINK Culturefest, BLOCK T, Dublin, Ireland; Derain today, Gallery
Nicolas deleted, Paris, France; 20 artistes, 20 business, Being born and network Become Gallery and Castle of Servières, Marseille, France;
It was not gay but not sad, it was beautiful, exhibition organised by Fondation Vincent Van Gogh, Arles, France; and by
Sextant Et Plus, Espace Van Gogh, Arles, France.
2011 Slick, International Art Fair, represented by galerie Nicolas Silin, Paris, France; From A to Z, Nicolas Silin Gallery, group exhibition,
Paris, France.
2010 Open studio, Castelo d’If, Lisbon, Portugal; artist studios openings, Château de Servières, Marseille, France; landscapes
Chavirés, Let's see…, Château Grand Boise, Shots, France; Festival ephemeral arts, Park White House, City Hall (9th
and 10th districts), Marseille, France.
2009 [Archist], Gallery of great bathroom Plain showers, Art-cade, Marseille, France; 20 artistes, 20 business, technopôle
Château Gombert and Gallery Castle Servieres, Marseille, France; landslides, Biennale of Contemporary Art, Cahors, France;
Contemporary Drawing Fair, Nicolas Silin Gallery, Paris, France; upsurge, Cross Baragnon space, Toulouse, France.
2008 Prelude of the Biennial of Young European and Mediterranean Creators, Montgrand Gallery and Gallery Castle Servieres
,Marseille, France; Biennale Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean, Bari, Italy; Interstices, BBB, Regional center
Initiatives for Contemporary Art, Toulouse, France.
2007 Corpus mobile, Wasteland of the Belle de Mai, Marseille, France; TIAF, Toronto International Art Fair, Dukan gallery & Hourdequin,
Toronto, Canada; SLICK, International Art Fair, represented by galerie Dukan & Hourdequin, Paris, France; Luxe, Quiet and V ..., The
Panacea, Montpellier, France; Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean, first part, Panacea, Montpellier,
2004 Manifesto, Festival of Contemporary Images, Toulouse, France.
2000 Exposure to the Savings Bank Foundation for Contemporary Art, Toulouse, France.

2015 Tissardmine, desert of Marocco
2014 Corporate Foundation Vacances Bleues, South patrons Network, Marseille, France
2012/2013 the loft, Servais Family Collection, Brussels, Belgium; Fire Station Artists’ Studios and Block T, Dublin, Ireland- 2011/2012
The 3 to F, Instead of Contemporary Arts, Psychiatric Hospital Montperrin, Aix en Provence, France – 2010 Let's see ... art and territory,
Château Grand Boise, Shots, France – 2006 Fumel, Bonaguil, Lot-et-Garonne, France – 2004 Oh ! Art Center, London, UK.

2011 extracting [ No negotiation 25 ] (photography), Artothèque Léo Lagrange, Paris, France – 2009 Madonna [ No negotiation 1 ],
Contemporary Art communal background of the city of Marseille, France.

2012 In the mirror of the Other, 1% Olympe de Gouges School, (architect: Ronan Charter, requirements engineering: General Council
Bouches-du-Rhône), Plan de Cuques, France.