Lumen – indoor

Lumen – indoor

Lumen – indoor

Matti Bye live

Tuesday 28 April 2015 all 20,30

Video Nico Murri with original music by Matti Bye

works of Esther Grossi

The Gallery TESTONI SPACE Bologna in Via D'Azeglio 50, It has the great pleasure of hosting the Swedish composer Matti Bye performance live on Tuesday evening 28 April 2015 at 20,30.

Live music that Matti Bye He wants to devote to the artist Ester Grossi in homage to his works, from which the videomaker Nico Murri It drew the images of the video Lumen presented by SPACE Gallery TESTONI world premiere in Art Fair 2015 section accompanying Show only new work of Esther Grossi for the project of the same name.

"I met the Matti Bye music more than seven years ago, When, even film student, I went to see a concert in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, namely its accompanying live, with orchestra in tow, of the film “The Phantom Carretto” di David Victor Sjostrom. I was literally struck by the film's soundtrack consists of Matti and I showed. Since that day, we kept in touch and we are always up to date on their art projects; most of my paintings were painted in the background having his music.
One day, unexpectedly, Matti has happened that he asked me to work together on a project and for me was the realization of a dream. I think there is a fundamental element in our respective jobs, constant research and shared a minimal language, but emotionally 'powerful' ... ".

Ester Grossi

Till Saturday 16 May 2015 video Lumen Nico Murri taken from the works of Esther Grossi, with original music by Matti Bye it is visible in the first large room of the Galleria Spazio Testoni, while in the other rooms are the works of the project visible again Lumen Esther Grossi.


Matti Bye (1966) It is unanimously considered among the most important Swedish composers and scores, for their incomparable style of improvisation at the piano, an extraordinary performer. After attending the Royal University of Fine Arts in Stockholm currently he deals, with the collaboration of various visual artists, elaboration of projects carried out by blending different art forms in new and exciting reality, original constellations movie, fine arts and music. Training well known and respected in the execution of soundtracks for silent movies of Swedish and international production, Matti Bye Ensemble has performed regularly since the mid-90s in salt and film festivals across Europe, included, During the years, the renowned Cinema Ritrovato Festival in Bologna, The Silent Film Festival in San Francisco, Lincoln Center and the New York MOMA.
The career of Matti Bye began 25 years ago with compositions and improvisations live for silent cinema and vintage. In the same manner, and exploiting its particular sensitivity and experience in the execution of music face to face with the screen, now he devotes his attention to the most contemporary film and TV productions.
In the current year to Bye numerous prizes were awarded, including, for the soundtrack of the film Faro, two nominations and the first place is the prize Guldbagge that the Nordic Film Music Prize – harp.

“The development of the themes, the choice of a small orchestral ensemble and the general emotional counterpoint that this music produces in a movie where the dialogue was deliberately kept to a minimum, fills in an admirable manner the gaps left by the specially directed in the narrative. And this magic, emotional alchemy between music and images, in the end it is exactly what you would expect from a film music”, said the jury about the winner Matti Bye.

Matti Bye has also lent his collaboration composing soundtracks for Jan Troell and Everlasting Moments Maria Larsson, jobs for which he was awarded the prize Guldbagge 2009. Other recent films for which he composed the music is the documentary about Ingmar Bergman Pictures From a Playground and comedy The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared (The centenary who jumped out the window and disappeared).
Also in recent times (2015), I have to remember the concert on the occasion of the exhibition Contact of Oliafur Eliasson (Samuli Cosmic & Matti Bye, Live at the Louis Vuitton Foundation)it is to nomination for classical album of the year at Grammy Awards, Swedish edition 2015, his solo albumBethanien (Tona Serenad Records).
Bye performs regularly as a composer and performer for various exhibitions and film screenings worldwide dumb both in solo form accompanied by his ensemble. One of the many methods of work with which this perennially thirsty explorer of new forms creates the alchemy between sound and image.

Nico Murri (1978) has been working for several years graphics, illustration, music and video entertainment. Always close to the art world, paints and draws a preference for computer use. As a musician, He writes compositions for short films and commercials. From 2009 She works as a curator and organizer of artistic events at Fabrica Fluxus. Currently he deals mainly with communication and graphic arts. It is also in the organizational staff of the School of Photography and Cinematography F.project Bari.

Ester Grossi, born in Avezzano (AQ) in 1981. Diploma in Fashion, Design and Decoration at the Art Institute "Vincenzo Bellisario", in 2008 she obtained a degree in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production at the DAMS of Bologna. He has dedicated years to painting and has made several exhibitions in Italy and abroad; and 'winner of the Italian Factory Award 2010 and Prize finalist Cairo 2012. In 2011 He was invited to the 54th Venice Biennale (Pavilion Abruzzo). As an illustrator has created posters for cinema and music festivals (Imaginary Film Festival, MIAMI, Teatro Lirico Sperimentale di Spoleto) and cover for music band album (A Classic Education, LIFE&LIMB). Frequently collaborates with musicians for the realization of exhibitions and pictorial-sound installations.

The pictures of the evening of MATTI BYE LIVE 28/04/2015