SPACES Gallery TESTONI Bologna
Via D'Azeglio 50

Thursday 09 November 2017
from 20.30 all 22.30




Inside the first room of the gallery SPACE TESTONI, in Via D'Azeglio 50 a Bologna, Thursday 09 November 2017, from 20.30 all 22.30 the event will be performative collective BLOW (AGAINST THE WALL) along with the artistic duo ANTONELLO GHEZZI, who devised this performance by realizing it for the first time in Athens on the occasion of dOCUMENTA 14, dove, with the collaboration of the public, They were also created some great works on paper, which are now on display in the gallery Spazio Testoni and will remain visible until Saturday 18 November 2017.



"The walls can leapfrog, bypass, overstep digging underground tunnels.
Yet many countries around the world continue to build new ones.
When the Berlin Wall was torn down, in 1989, there were only 15 muri, today they are 70. "

Reece Jones

Blow. Soffiare via, blow.
Blowing inside a circle and create soap bubbles.
The soap bubble is beautiful.
Many soap bubbles are beautiful.
Anyone who can blow them can.
someone falls, qualcuna sale, It depends on the air there.
The bubbles are read. They reflect the reality and make round.
Reality becomes round, colorful and disappears after a while '.
The reality with lots of soap bubbles is a landscape that was not there before.
And’ a landscape by the breath of those who made them.
The people are blowing does not speak and become more beautiful.
They have a mouth shaped like a hope and sweetest expression.
Whoever you are, shalt make beautiful bubbles like everyone else.
Someone makes the biggest someone smaller but do not know which I like better.
The blow bubbles go everywhere.
They touch all and only a few dodge.
When burst, if there is such silence and feels, They make a beautiful noise.
Sometimes they manage to go through a network.
Sometimes they manage to pass a wall with the right wind blow.

BLOW It is a collective performance in which you invite people to blow soap bubbles against the Wall.
This wall has symbolic and evocative, He speaks of the wall in West Bank, all erected barriers at national borders but also of all invisible walls, metaforici, unjust and personal.
They are special bubbles, They have the pigment inside and leave a trace: his breath becomes design. The left drawing is a painting made of collective breaths, want, rebellion and hope.

I 7 drawings are present in the gallery of the performance trace produced for Documenta in Athens at TAF – The Art Foundation (07/07- 16/07/2017).


ANTONELLO GHEZZI born in 2009 Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, from the meeting of Nadia and Paul Antonello Ghezzi.
They begin their first collaboration with the work "Toilet Project", a performative blitz that invaded the bathrooms Arte Fiera. Then they continued to work together, introducing their works not only artistic contexts, using industrial materials and everyday objects such as for the "Mind The Door!"An automatic sliding door that only opens with a smile.
The duo, based in Bologna, He has exhibited at the Italian Institute of Culture in Athens, Documenta 14, BIEL in Beirut, Arsenal Verona, Petit Bain in Parigi, Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires, Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna, Moscow Bienniale, Only because of the Museum of Turin, Pitti Uomo in Florence, roBOT Festival, Museum of Villa Croce, Sarajevo Winter Festival, Can opener di Delft, CIFF in Copenhagen and in many other contexts.
Their work is characterized by the poetic value and the participatory aspect, collaborate with companies and scientists, "Entering" art in everyday life, with art installations that combine technology, reality and poetry.

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