Kamilia Kard

It is the Hungarian-Italian artist born in Milan. He holds a Degree (old order) in Economics (CLEP) at Bocconi University, Milan, (2003), a bachelor's degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (2012), and a master's degree in Net Art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan (2014). His work focuses on the construction of identity in the Internet age, and it manifests itself through different media, from painting to video and animated gif, prints and installation. Its online projects reflect on the methods of construction of an image, a narrative and an identity that interfaces and communicate in a virtual environment that is real. Semiotics and phenomenology of identity created around these works are an expression of a contemporary world in which the narrative is mediated daily and routinely by various interfaces. An example is Best Wall Cover (2012 - in progress), based on the way people portray on social networks, He has gained a huge popularity. From 2006, He has exhibited in various locations in Italy and in the world. Citing some important recent: AIL - A hand for the happy medium, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, 2011; Pictures at an Exhibition, contemporary art exhibition space Broletto, Pavia 2012; Videoart Yearbook, Museo del '900, Milan, 2013; la biennale THE WRONG – NEW DIGITAL ART BIENNALE, 2013 – 2014; DASHBOARD – the wrong curators artshow, Kalpany artspace, Milan (Italy) 2014; Powder ES, Palazzo Isimbardi, Milan (Italy) 2014; META, Barracks Municipal Art Gallery, Abrantes (Portugal) 2014; SPAMM Webtics, Wendy Subway, Brooklin, NEW, 2014, Return to dust, Museo Studio Francesco Messina, Milan,2014; NADJA, Hypersalon Miami Beach during Art basel Miami; Internet Drones, ULTRA space, Udine, 2015; SPAMM of VIRTUALISM, New York-Moscow-Paris, 2015, Salon Primo, Bicocca University, 2015 .
The artist also collaborated, together with Paolo Rosa, with as artistic director in interactive projects such as the installation for the MUBA, Rotonda della Besana, Milan during the exhibition Balance and installation Primary Energy at TRIENNALE Milan.
Among his curatorial activities,: Indoor / Outdoor - sensitive Atmospheres, fuorisalone, Milan, 2012; Bestwallcover, online, 2012 ongoing; DASHBOARD – the wrong curators artshow, refrigerators Milan, Milan, 2014,; Internet Drones, ULTRA space, Udine, 2015.